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Tinted windows will significantly reduce the temperature inside your vehicle, add a custom look, give you a certain amount of privacy and reduce the glare from intense direct sun light. On hot summer days the window film will block 99% UV, reflects and absorbs solar energy, reducing the heat, stabilizing the climate inside your car which helps your air conditioner from working so hard while slowing down fading to your upholstery. . The film also adds extra resistance to shattering, discouraging break-ins and offering added protection in the event of an accident. On cold winter days, the window film helps insulate your windows preventing further heat loss.

Using our commercial window tinting in your Southern California office can greatly reduce the energy cost to maintain a temperate working environment for your employees. Window films can keep out as much as 83% of the suns heat which will reduce the demand on air conditioning costs. Similarly, during the winter months, window films can help to insulate and retain the heat within the office space, saving on heating costs. There you can experience year round savings on energy costs.

Getting that Showroom Look
Tinted glass is one of the top upgrades sought by new car owners. Quality window film and expert installation are essential to getting that factory, showroom look.

Desi's Solar Window Tinting is Orange County’s premier automotive tint company. We have been tinting cars, trucks, boats and RVs for two decades and have the experience, skills and tools necessary to get the job done right the first time. Our modern, ultra-clean facility is geared exclusively for auto tinting. We utilize a state-of-the-art computer plotting system that digitally cuts the film patterns for your car’s specific year and model. This ensures pinpoint accuracy for the highest quality tint job available anywhere.

Clear Advantages
Window tinting looks even better when you consider all the unseen advantages:

  • Deflects up to 85% of the sun’s heat for a cooler, more comfortable ride

  • Blocks out 99.9% of the damaging UV rays which will fade your vehicle’s upholstery and harm skin

  • Reduces glare and eyestrain for both driver and passengers

  • Helps hold shattered glass in place....increasing safety

Quality You Can See and Feel
We have hand picked the best performing films from the world’s top manufacturers. These quality films provide a crystal clear view out and have heat rejecting properties that are far superior to that of cheap bargain brands.

You can choose from our variety of metallized high performance and classic non-reflective automotive films. We have in stock at all times a wide range of colors and shades from dark sleek tints to light, subtle films and everything in between. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff will help you decide on the look and a price that’s right for you.

Benefits of the World’s Best Films

  • No purple or bubbly windows – ever. Guaranteed! Nationwide lifetime warranty covers any defects. Receiving your warranty card is the best assurance you can get. You’ll know you have the finest film available and properly installed by a certified dealer

  • Will not interfere with radio, cellular or GPS systems

  • Most durable, scratch-resistant coatings in the industry

Many shades to choose from including the California legal film for the front door windows which comes with a certificate of compliance.

California Tint Law
You can legally tint your entire car in California. The law states that you may tint your rear side windows and the back window as dark or as light as you want as long as you have a rear view mirror on both sides of the car. (Virtually every car manufactured in the last 10 years will have two mirrors).

You may tint your front driver and passenger door windows with a 70% light transmission film. New cars have a very slight factory tint integrated into the glass which does little to block heat or harmful UV rays. Our legal film is rated so that it is still legal when applied to the factory tinted glass. You will receive a certificate of compliance along with your warranty card and care instructions. Click here to view our tint law chart which covers all 50 states.


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